Mr. Hideo Kawabata

Leading expert on Hydrogen Supplement
Chairman of Dr's Farma Corporation
CEO of Kansha Inc.
He was born in Kanagawa, in 1969

He grew up in a poor family and did various business after graduating junior high school.
He could gain best sales records each time by unruly way of business.
He lost finally due to loose management and then suffered from debt for 200 million Japanese Yen and separation from his family.
After the grief he recovered his passion for the business and achieved the annual income for 720million Yen, setting up Home Page production company newly.
He could eventually extinguished all the debt and came back to business world.
He currently heads up "Yumesen"ability development seminar mainly held for enterprises.
He established Dr's Farma Corporation, considering that Hydrogen would be Savior in place of usual medical care from the human network he had made through the various business in the past and the day would come when medical doctors started to sell supplement.
He advances to spread Dr's Suiso out with the prospect to reduce Annual National Medical Expenditure current 40 trillion Japanese Yen to 15 trillion Yen.