Mr. Junichi Kakuta

I started taking Dr's Suiso Celeb in April, 2015.
I could sleep very well and felt refreshed without any fatigue of last night when I first took it.
I traveled usually on business trip half of the month and I used to feel fatigue remaining due to long traveling time when I waked up.
I tried various supplements but I could feel the first remarkable difference of effect by Dr's Suiso Celeb only.
I am in top gear, taking Dr's Suiso Celeb.

The effect I have recognized

・Sleep very well
・Wake up refreshingly
・Do not carry fatigue over to next day
・Feel the body light
・Improve metabolism
・Clear your head and feel better
・Alcohol doesn't remain until next morning even excessive drinking.
・Do not catch a cold
・hear the word that skin became smooth
・No symptom for bleary eyes and irritating feeling in a throat at the time of pollen scattering.

I keenly feel the importance of health and the value because I had an experience that I was suffered from the dizziness of uncertain cause for 75 days due to fatigue and stress 8 years ago.
I will continue to take Dr's Suiso Celeb for my lifelong.
I also hope that a lot of people enjoy healthy and wonderful life,taking Dr's Suiso Celeb, as many as possible.