Doctor Hitoshi Hinokida

He was born in Hiroshima, 1942.
He is one of 15 members of Parmaceutical Affairs Act Legislation Committee in Japan.

Captain of border-less doctors group Head of United Nation Medical Team for Great East Japan Earthquake Former member of House of Representatives.
He jointly won Nobel Peace Prize, 1985 as a principal member of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.
He is well-known by medical exchange with late Mother Teresa 1980 to 1990 and does medical activities widely to the poor people in South Asian countries.
He was commended as a honorary citizen from Manila city, Philippines and acts as commissioner of many Child-support organization.
He is affectionately called as Dr. Jin with respects.
He is the leading expert who explains the medical effect by hydrogen with the word "Hydrogen is the gift from universe" He was involved a lot in the development of Dr's Suiso Celeb. with Mr. Hideo Kawabata, Chairman of Kansha, Inc. and appreciates Dr's Suiso Celeb. for high perfection.
He told in a lecture video that DR of Dr's Suiso Celeb is himself.