Mr. Shinichi Chiba

He was born in Fukuoka, 1939

He was promised to be a candidate for Olympic game gymnastics player as he won gold medal at National Highschool Gymnastics championship but he gave up because of his injury.
He passed the audition test of "Toei New Faces" at top level among 26,000 candidates.
He has got a permanent place of action star who had never been seen in Japan as he devoted himself to play the spectacular dangerous actions without stunt man in use of his skill of Kyokusin Karate as a black-belt.
He has gained national popularity, playing the lead of movies, drama etc.such as "Key Hunter","Yagyu Family's Conspiracy"and "Shadow warriors" on TV,"Civil war Self-defense Force" and "Battles Without Honor and Humanity" series.
He is also highly appreciated overseas for bold and precise performance and continues aggressive activities as an actor as well as movie director, intending to advance to Hollywood for worldwide expansion of Japanese movies.
Although he used to take hydric supplements and the bath since 15 years ago, he encountered Dr's Suiso Celeb he highly appreciated for the quality different from other conventional hyrogem supplement.
He is energetically traveling all over the Japan together with Mr. Kawabata, Chairman in order to prevail the miracle supplement.