Privacy Policy (Policy on protection of Personal Information)

Kansha , Inc. regulates, establishes and pursues privacy policy by way of ensuring the importance of privacy policy and effort to comply with it to all the employees.

Control of personal information
We secure personal information of our customers in an accurate and latest condition and maintain severe control on it with safety measures.
We take necessary steps for maintenance of security system, proper management system and thorough training of employees in order to prevent from unauthorized access, loss, breakage, falsification and leakage.
Purpose for use of personal information
We use personal information registered by you to send e-mails and documents in order to answer your question, inform our activity and our announcement.
Prohibition against personal information disclosure or provision of the same to the third party.
We properly manage the personal information registered by customer and do not disclose to third party except the case appropriate to any of the following items.
  • In case the customer agrees.
  • In case we disclose to the company consigned by us in order to give the service the customer requires.
  • In case we are requested to disclose by laws.
Security System on personal information
We establish best security system in order to secure the personal information accuracy and safety.
Person collation
We process according to your request after confirming customer identity verification, in case the customer request the collation, modification, deletion, etc. on personal information.
Compliance and review on regulations and laws
We make best effort to review our privacy policy timely and improve the same,complying with Japanese laws and regulations on personal information with us.
Contact the following for our privacy policy.

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