Let's participate in the project for healthcare cost cut, enlarging the linkage of the everyone's desire for happiness and health from Japan to the world.
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Comments on their own experience
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Dr. Hitoshi Hinokida

Permanent honorary advisor.

Mr. Yoshiro Hayashi

Former Chairman of Vodaphone, Japan.

Mr. Takao Osawa

Former principal member of "Hikaru Genji"

Mr. Yukinori Oguni

23rd Champion of International Superbantamweight.

Mr. Yuji Morisawa

A holder of Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Noh.

Mr. Yasuhiko Okudera

A legend in the football world.

Mr. Hideo Kawabata

Leading expert on Hydrogen Supplement.

Ms. Setsuko Shimizu


Mr. Junichi Kakuta


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Why Dr's Fuji Suiso distributors are needed
If you eat Dr's Fuji Suiso continuously,
Children dead for malnutrition for one year in the developping countries in the world.
Dr's Fuji Suiso members can participate in crowd funding,first in the direct sale industry.
Dr's Fuji Suiso member buys goods → A part of sales will be the food service for children in the developing countries.
Your every purchase of Dr's Fuji Suiso makes children enable to take food service in the disadvantaged countries.
Advantage of Dr's Fuji Suiso members
1. Children

The more members increase, the more food service can be provided to the children in the disadvantaged region and countries in the world.

2. Pets

The more members increase, the more active the movement for anti-euthanasia of harmless pets.

3. You

You can be healthy, eating Fuji Suiso continuously and be a great contributor to the society through saving many lives, involving poeple aroound you.

Introduction of Society of Preventive & Alternative Medicine
Why do we need Hydrogen for Health?

Only hydrogen, smallest element among all the substances existing in the universe including other antioxidant , can be referred to reach nucleus and thoroughly remove bad active oxygen, so called as Hydroxy Radical that abide there and hurt genetic level.

Hydrogen fills the important role in genes in celles
Dr's Fuji Suiso can last the effect much longer than other Hydric water & Hydric supplements.
Ideal Hydrogen supplement is realized by combination with natural zeolite and oyster shells. Much awaited supplement is born after poeple nowadays have longed for.
Dr's FujiSuiso Main Composition

Functional Zeolite, patented

Hydrogen evolution
Detoxification effect

Calcined oyster shell

Hydrogen evolution
Detoxification effect

Citric acid

Mineral absorption
Exhaustion recovery
Features of Dr's Fuji Suiso
  • By way of ionic exchange of 13 kinds of active mineral hydrogen is generated very well for long time.
    13 kinds of active mineral ionic exchange make distinct generation of hydrogen for long time.
  • Hydrogen moderate to body removes for long time hydroxyl radical referred to be toxic in the radical oxygen.
  • It helps to normalize PH level of body fluid.
  • The Functional Zeolite (patented) absorbs to chemical agents, pollutants, additives, virus, bacterium, etc. and egest them.
  • It activates citric acid cycle, smoothen mineral absorption and add vitality to cells.
Features of Patented "Functional Zeolite"

Hydrogen produced by patented "Functional Zeolite lasts for long time, about 18 hours, though varying between individuals, and maintain strong anti-oxidative potency.
About 40 kinds of zeolite are nowadays found in the world but the zeolite used for Fuji Suiso is collected from the layer of earth in Japan 35 million years ago and high quality for high ionic exchange potency,i.e.CEC180 and high purity for using clinoptilolite and mordenite.
The patented "Functional Zeolite is born in the combination of extreme-highly pure zeolite with calcined calcium from oyster shell.
Oyster shells are one of the mineral richest with more than 16 essential minerals among the clams and anti-septing capacity.
The "Functional Zeolite is not increased the power it owns originally but also produces hydrogen for long time and strong reduction power, i.e. anti-oxidative potency.
The Functional Zeolite is produced under our own patented process.

JP PAT.No.3650871 (Reduction)
JP PAT No.3610433 (disinfection)

Minerals and the main efficacy
  • Ca (Calcium)

    Strengthen bones, blood forming, Sugar control, PH Control
  • Na (Natrium)

    Water balance control, Resilient mustle
  • Fe (Iron)

    Blood forming
  • Mg (Magnesium)

    Calcium absorption enhancement, buring sugar
  • Zn (Zinc)

    Protein synthesis, PH Control, Neuron transmission, DNA synthesis
  • K (Potassium)

    Cell function stabilization water balance control
  • Mn (Manganese)

    Absorbed enzime control
  • P (Phosphorus)

    Strengthen bones and teeth
  • Se (Selenium)

    Remove radical oxygen Anti-aging
  • Ni (Nickel)

    Stabilization of nucleic acid, involved in the liver, heart and genital function.
  • Li (Lithium)

    Autonomic nerve normalization
  • Cu (Copper)

    Enhancement of hemoglobin conversion from iron.
  • V (Vanadium)

    Lower cholesterol
Citric acid of Dr's Fuji Suiso

Citric acid in Dr's Fuji Suiso activates citric acid circuit and makes minerals absorb easier by chelate effect in addition to hydrogen that removes radical oxygen and normalizes cells basically.
Citric acid serves like a catalytic agent to generate energy and indispensable nourishment for modern people who are busy and stressed.
Citric acid facilitates to absorb minerals by chelate effect, tucking minerals, specially micro nutrient such as calcium difficult to absorb.

Let's get participating in this project!
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We run 10 boothes at Tokyo Health Industry Show 2017 as one of the biggest exhibitors.
Introduction on our volunteer works

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